How Self-Publishers Can Create Great Cover Copy

Cover Copy
The last few years have seen the exponential growth of self-published e-books. According to Publishers Weekly, self-published books now represent 31% of e-book sales on Amazon’s Kindle Store, with nearly 40% of the dollars earned on e-book sales going to independent authors. If you long to break into the self-publishing world, it’s possible to get your book read and increase your sales potential by creating great cover copy.

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Cover copy is the first view by the reader of your masterpiece. But let’s face it, if you’re not well known, even the best book can go unread. Cover copy is the small window through which to sell your book by utilizing the “browsing effect”. It’s why, The New York Times reports, publishers rely heavily on brick-and-mortars. It’s because “only a third of the people who step into a bookstore and walk out with a book actually arrived with the specific desire to buy one.”

Here are five easy steps to make your cover copy great:

Book Summary

Make your sales pitch by writing a captivating synopsis using genre-specific language for fiction or, with a non-fiction book, use bullets to explain what value the reader will gain from reading it.

Book Reviews

Professional reviews only. Make sure reviews are from credible reviewers, the more authoritative, the better.

Author Bio/Photo

Write what’s necessary. Previously published work, awards, relevant jobs and academic credentials will do. Write whatever will give you authority in the reader’s eyes. Professional photo only.

Web/Blog Info

Let the readers know what your talents are and give them more access to your work.

“Buy” or “Add to Cart” Buttons

With quality cover copy and simple buying options, you’ll make the sale.

Look at it like buying a new car: heated seats and a great stereo are wonderful, but most people are going to see the outside before they ever get in and drive. If they’re going to get inside, they need something compelling.

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