6 Free Android Apps for Efficient and Productive Freelancers

Android Apps for Freelancers

Cut down the amount of time wasted in fulfilling mundane back-office tasks like invoicing clients and tracking billable hours. You can readily automate these activities on your Android phone or tablet, freeing up your workday to pursue more freelancing projects. Here are six must-have apps that can help simplify the ins and outs of freelancing, keeping you productive. These apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.

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Trello is your ultimate task-tracking app. It can be synced to your other Web-enabled devices, so you always have access to updated data. With Trello, you can create to-do lists in the form of reminder cards arranged whiteboard-style on your screen interface. Include a picture, completion progress, and deadline on each Trello card, which is shareable and ideal for use if you work with a team because everyone can then comment on and view each other’s progress.


This high-performing and free app keeps track of your spending and helps you in creating and submitting expense reports to your clients. You can photograph your receipts with Concur and then integrate the data with TripIt, another excellent productivity and expense-tracking app. Using Concur benefits your freelancing endeavors because it is an excellent time saver. You don’t have to hunt down receipts. And whenever a client asks for a detailed expense report, you no longer have to go through the hassle of having to remember exactly how much you’ve spent completing a certain freelancing project.
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Zoho Invoice and Time Tracking

Remind your clients that their payment is due by sending them professionally designed invoices. With Zoho, you can use your mobile device to keep track of your billable hours and to use the data when creating invoices. Have the app streamline the process of creating and sending invoices, collecting payments from clients, and sending them thank-you notes. Online payment systems that work with Zoho include Authorize.Net, Braintree, Stripe, Payflow Pro, PayPal, and 2Checkout. Zoho offers multilingual support, which is invaluable if your clients are based in different parts of the world. Like Concur, Zoho allows you to take snapshots of receipts to be incorporated in your expense reports.

Client Manager

The free Client Manager app enables you to keep track of your growing client base and their associated payment history. It also serves as a simple, easy-to-maintain expense and appointments tracker.

Gekko Hours

With Gekko Hours, you can efficiently track and record your billable hours and then invoice those hours to your clients. There’s a timer for logging each freelancing task and how long it took to finish it.

Easy Tempus

If you want to keep a more detailed timesheet than what you can make with Gekko Hours, then opt for the free Easy Tempus app, which you can use for tracking billable hours, expenses, and earnings. Create timesheets, freelancing project notes, and invoices with Easy Tempus and then backup the resulting data to your Google Drive account. There’s a handy universal search feature that can help you quickly locate specific expense reports and task notes across your many freelancing projects.

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