How to Choose a Netbook that suits your needs well?

Netbooks invaded the field of nomadic computing and have enticed many users, eager to be equipped with a PC faster and designed for communication. But before being seduced by a particular model, here are some items to consider in choosing a good team.

What are my needs? Why should I use?

The question may seem trivial but it is a fundamental question that advances in large part to the product chosen. What will you do with your netbook? You may want a lightweight model for convenient access to the Web, wherever you are? Or look for a well equipped computer? In this case, do not expect to find on a netbook on the same computer as a traditional notebook. Consider performance and capacity of a netbook is and will always be lower than a laptop or notebook.
Based on energy savings, several key elements of a netbook-like-processor are less powerful than a portable PC. Reach for surfing the Web, perform basic office tasks or watching videos, but are unable to function HD video, games, graphics or complex calculations. While this must be taken with some precautions, since with each new model of netbook hits the market that is offered with ever more powerful processors and yielding.

What size screen?

Currently, no 7-inch screens are offered, as I had the first version of the Asus Eee PC, except in some markets, because it is too small to allow for comfortable use. Its definition of 800 x 400 pixels does not allow, for example, viewing a website in all its breadth and force, in fact, use the cursor to scroll the page visited. This problem disappears when the screen goes to a diagonal of 8.9 thumbs-dimension adopted by the vast majority of netbook manufacturers. Moreover, the weight of the machine is almost the same. Today, all models offer a 10 inch minimum. Of course, comfort is even greater, but this is a team of larger size. We must choose, then, between the legibility or compactness.

Make sure to purchase a 6 cell battery

The 6-cell battery (or 6 cells) should be a must for any netbook implemented. The many equipment manufacturers are happy to supply a 3-cell battery: the choice is unfortunate, since the autonomy of the essential machine to good use-is from there considerably reduced and sometimes does not exceed 2 hours .
If several competing models are presented, by default, with 3 or 4 cells, do not hesitate to ask a supplementary battery of larger capacity.
Beyond the argument of autonomy, a battery of this type will also help to enhance the rear of the machine, giving a more comfortable typing when the machine is on a flat surface.

Hard disk or SSD?

Magnetic hard drives have the advantage of providing a generous storage space, up to 160 GB, depending on the models of netbooks, for a reasonable price. SSDs offer robust benefits that exceed those of their ancestors, not containing any mechanical, support with less difficulty shocks and falls. These are also faster-so you feel at the start of the machine and the execution of applications, and consume less power. Unfortunately, storage capacity still can not reach values be considered as far enough to store content, and its price, moreover, is prohibitive for most users.

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