How to Obscure Identity on a Social Networking Website

Social media websites, those digital spaces in which people share almost everything you can think of, are among the fastest growing networking spaces online, changing the way in which people are connecting in a profound manner. While most people out there will contribute voluntarily with personal info or private details about their own lives, other ones have raised concerns about identity or privacy over the internet. For those particular users concerned with this type of things, there are some easy steps which can be used to obscure identity while using a social media site.

1. Try to read all the privacy terms of any social networking site that you may use as carefully as you possibly can. Those types of documents will most certainly contain a full list of your rights to the info you may share on a social media website. Those types of people who are concerned about privacy or identity theft may read the Terms of Use to understand how their info can be used and make a decision if they are fine with offering it have knowledge about the terms.

2. Try to configure your social account for maximizing your privacy. Such settings may vary from one social media website to another, but almost all of them will allow people to specify what sorts of users may see specific types of content. For instance, you may choose to keep people with whom you don`t have a connection from having access to any of your info or be certain that particular types of info such as images or posts will be only sent to a certain group of people. Try to investigate the options regarding your privacy in the Account Settings options for your privacy account in the social media website.

3. You may leave out any kind of info you don`t feel comfortable enough sharing with other people. Keep your info basic and try to avoid any specific details as much as possible. Almost every detail may potentially be used by anyone who may try to have access to your private info.

4. Offer a single method for social users to try to contact you, like an e-mail. Offering your full contact info will encourage people to send you spam mails or offers potentially personal info like the geographic location where you live. You may choose to send your friends additional contact info using a private message.

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