How to choose the best microphone?

To clarify the picture, here we list the different types of microphones on the market, clear that each serves to meet different needs.

Types of microphones

In principle, it is noteworthy that the microphones are usually classified according to the technology used for manufacturing, as well as operational.
With respect to the distinctions relative to its technology, are:
Crystal microphone: It has a rigid diaphragm and light, and two sheets of cut crystal.
Ribbon Microphone: Your diaphragm is made of metal and includes a magnet and a transformer.
Moving-coil microphone: Here the coil is fixed to the diaphragm.
Carbon microphone: Includes diaphragm, set of granular carbon, battery and transformer. It was the old phones microphone.
Condenser Microphone: diaphragm has a lightweight and flexible membrane, a rigid backing plate and a cable connected to the preamplifier and power supply. They are the best, if they are branded. They are also very expensive.
With respect to the differentiation of microphones according to their operation, one of its most important centers on the directionality provided by the device, ie the responses provided to the sounds coming from different places. Here we find that according to the answer provided, the microphones are classified as:
– Omnidirectional
– Bidirectional
– Cardioid
– Supercardioid
– Hypercardioid
So, considering the fact that there are so many types of mics present in the market, you have to research well to see which one suits your needs well. In order to get the best sound possible, it is worth devoting some time finding the best mic for your requirements.

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