How to clean the touchscreen displays?

Touch screens are present on many different computers, and because of the constant contact that requires that technology obviously tend to be more dirty and stained that displays “common.” It therefore requirs more frequent cleaning, but many times that cleaning is done improperly, staining and ruining the screen.
Keep in mind that many of the touch screens, which are beautiful and modern are delicate, not for those who have Gorilla Glass technology offering protection against scratches, dust, etc.

Cleaning a Touchscreen Display

For cleaning large screens, such as those of touch monitors, it takes only a cotton cloth and a microfiber.
Cloth dampened with the first screen should be cleaned with gentle, circular movements without pressing. With the microfiber surface to dry.
With the microfiber cloth can also quickly clean accumulated dust without “wetting” the screen.
To remove grease stains while, use isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol contrary, leaves no yellowing or blanquecina screen over time. It is also helpful to clean the plastic or metal equipment.
You should be very careful when handling this alcohol, keep away from eyes, avoid direct contact with skin and obviously keep out of reach of children.
In the case of smartphones or tablets, we recommend the use of plastic films on the screen for added protection and prevent scratches and other serious problems.
It is important not to place computers with these screens in pockets where there are coins, keys or other hard object, as they can ruin the device considerably.
This way you can have flawless and clean equipments, touchscreens and tablets, smartphones and more.

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