How to Customize Internet Explorer step by step?

This article looks at how to use one of the most exciting features built into Windows to configure some of its darkest parameters, the Group Policy Editor. In this case we will use to set certain options in Internet Explorer that can not easily find in their normal menus and options.
This excellent tool such as the Group Policy Editor allows us to control a variety of options and features of many programs, which, as mentioned, the pictures do not appear in the same configuration.
In this case we will see two examples of using this system, but in reality there are many options that can be modified through this tool, but to name a few mention the ability to disable menus, accelerators create groups on and off removal feature browsing history, among other things, all of which enables us to have absolute control, or most, of our system.
Using the Group Policy Editor
To start using the tool, click on the Start menu and in the search box enter the following text: “gpedit.msc” and press Enter.
Customize Internet Explorer by using the Group Policy Editor
To modify the Group Policy for Internet Explorer, we will move to “User Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Internet Explorer”.
Note that the changes we make here are valid only for ourselves. In case you wish to configure settings for all accounts, ie in total for the whole team, then we have to make such changes in item “Computer Configuration “.
Enable or disable Internet Explorer accelerators .
With this option you can configure or completely disable the accelerators available in Internet Explorer , which allows us to control which of them can be accessed by users who are using it. To do this we must press on “Accelerators” and move toward the right pane of Group Policy Editor. For Internet Explorer users, they can no longer access this feature, click on “Deploy non-default Accelerators”, double click on it and in the window that appears click on “Enabled”.
In case we want to allow IE default accelerators, then we click on “Deploy default Accelerators” and change the value of “Not Configured” to “Enabled”.
To prevent users from adding their own Accelerators in Internet Explorer, you can use the “Use Policy Accelerators” and change the value to “Enabled”.
Disable Clear History in Internet Explorer
To disable the ability for users to delete the browsing history in Internet Explorer, in the left pane look for the item “Delete Browsing History” and click on it.

Once selected, we will have to double click on each of the following items and select “Enable.”
These are just two examples of using the Group Policy Editor, but their usefulness is much more extensive. With regard to its use, we should not have you fear, because all functions offer significant support to allow the user to manipulate them without error, but also not a bad idea to create a system restore point, which we will return to the normality in the case of having committed an error which we repaired.

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