How to protect your computer using free online scan for viruses?

One of the pressing problems of Internet users is to protect against viruses that cause a variety of the most unpleasant consequences. This, for example, includes slowing down your computer, stealing passwords, spam, creation of the infected botnet computers and stuff. Any sane person who uses the Internet, installs anti-virus program designed to fight viruses and other malicious files. But the thing is that today’s destructive programs, so-called – rootkits are not always recognizable by anti-virus programs. This is due to the fact that they can exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system, applications and executables that are not always recognized.
If there is no assurance of the existing anti-virus program to cope with the duties of 100%, you can use online services to scan your computer for viruses. In this case, installing a second antivirus program is not necessary, and all that is needed – this is just to create an online connection to a remote scanning service
However, many online services offer to check for viruses on your computer to install a small program – Scanner agent and a set of fresh anti-virus to scan your computer. Different services offer different levels of capabilities.
For example, online scanner Panda detects viruses, but offers a treat after a one-time payment (start up a personal online account). Of course, pay for a single test does not make sense, and better to look for free virus scanning services that will do the same thing. When checking for viruses, on-line scanners as a field test can be specified as the entire computer (all hard drives), and the local area, such as a hard drive. Test time depends on the speed of your hard drive, the number of files scanned, and the speed of your Internet connection
In this respect (as a free scanner) is a better use, for example, online scanner Bitdefender, who detects viruses, and treats. Those who wish to take advantage of these services, I want to warn them for the next level. Perhaps your computer has a virus, possibly infected with important system files.
In this regard, before checking to make copies of important data, back up the necessary folders, etc. This is especially true for copywriters, who always have some ready to send articles to customers. That is, it is necessary to prepare for the worst case, when the computer after checking can stop their normal work. To backup the system partition (C drive entirely) is better to use a program like Acronis True Image Home, which will not only restore the operating system for 15 minutes after the crash, but also completely reinstalled in the same time a new hard drive.
Many online programs scan your computer for viruses derive additional information, tips. For example, Panda displays a list of vulnerabilities that are not viruses, but can be a gateway for further penetration into the computer. Tracking cookies in your browser, which may be mentioned the scanner, as viruses are not, you can remove them from time to time after the Internet.
Of course, there are many other Internet services that check for viruses online, but I think it’s more than enough. After all, even the 100 online services, a virus scan can not replace one program installed on your computer locally.

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