How to Download Free Music using programs?

Free music can be downloaded through some excellent programs available online. With respect to programs for downloading music, there are several software tools that we use for this purpose, from small programs like Light Downloader, allowing us to download music from specific sites to programs that use the so-called P2P networks, which will give us better results and much higher quality, plus the ability to do it much faster.
There is a fierce battle over the supposed legality or illegality of the Peer to Peer, and in many countries there is still no legislation to solve the problem of their use. That is why we must be cautious regarding the use of such discharge systems, and take precautions when using them.
In the following list, you will find a brief description for the most important applications of P2P download.


: One of the most chosen to download music, Ares is a great P2P program.
Ares is a P2P program used to download all kinds to share files such as MP3 music, vdeos MPG, DOC, ZIP RAR archives, etc. It is free and without any type of Spyware program on your system.


Pirate Edition: From the ashes of LimeWire!
At some point, LimeWire was one of the tools that was most for used content downloading by Internet users, but unfortunately at present, it no longer exists because of legal problems. This article looks at all the features and functionality of its direct heir, LimeWire Pirate Edition, a new instance of the original LimeWire project, which respects each incorporating features and functions that legendary program.


LimeWire is P2P software that allows the download of an infinite number of files over the internet, focusing primarily on downloading music, but also enables users to find and download images, videos, software, games and even text documents.
MP3 Rocket, rocket-fast downloads
MP3 Rocket, the company responsible for its development and implementation of music downloads from the market faster. It is an alternative to LimeWire. Download it, install it and use it free.


Kazaa P2P software is the world’s No. 1 and it’s free!
Enter the world of file sharing with P2P technology.


Pando is a free file sharing program but with the particularity that the discharge is made directly against the Pando server. You can send and receive all types of files you want, with a size of up to 1 GB!


iTunes is a complete digital player that lets you listen to, convert, burn, download music and more.


Overnet is the new revolution among the programs file downloads P2P (peer to peer). Imagine a program eDonkey effective, simple to manage and more efficient from the start, without using external programs or add servers.


eDonkey is a file sharing program p2p type. It has an easy to use. You can download movies, music, download games, documents.
Its user interface is simple and intuitive.

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