How to enjoy a microphone without noise?

One who usually does audio recording and editing on their computer, knows that the sounds microphones can produce undoubtedly affect the outcome of the work, besides being a nuisance that is really nasty. The truth is that fortunately there are some guidelines that we can implement to reduce or completely eliminate these noises. Here are some interesting tips about it.
When we detect that the audio recording in our PC cause unpleasant noise to occur, one of the first steps we take will be to verify the connection of peripherals to the computer. You may have inadvertently connected the microphone to one of the input lines of the computer instead of the microphone input. If so, simply connect the mic where it belongs perhaps we can eliminate unwanted sounds.
Moreover, it is worth making a checkup before the microphone, to verify that both the device and its cable are undamaged. Note that the noise reduction will also depend on the type of technology that includes the mic.
In this regard, we note that the commonly used microphones for PCs usually have problems and produce unwanted noise, especially if the cheaper end. Also, even usually have some problems in connection to the soundcard of the PC .
Another factor to consider before recording will be to verify that the wizard automatically adjust Windows sound is branded the option to reduce noise from the microphone.
Another interesting aspect to consider is the use of any software designed to manage noise from external microphones, which among other features may eventually allow us to reduce unwanted sounds during recording.
In this sense, one of the most recommended is Acoustica 5.0, while a payment schedule, the fact is that the developer’s website can download a trial version works for 30 days.
It’s basically an audio editing software, which also includes a variety of features, also allows you to set the recording to reduce unwanted noise that could potentially cause the microphone. Note that the noise reduction is performed by removal of spectra. You can access this application at this link .
If after all this noise still persists, then perhaps it’s time to invest some money and change the microphone, preferably a capacitor, or try to carry out the recording with the use of a preamp or console connected to the computer.
In short, we must bear in mind that the standard PC microphone, or those who are integrated into various devices, such as the webcams usually offer little sound quality.
Therefore, depending on the work performed and the professionalism required to do so, we must assess the availability of special microphones. In this sense, if we only need to record a sound to send home to friends and family, we can use a standard PC mic, even that is built into the webcam, because the truth is that the recording does not require a high quality.

In this case, an excellent option is to buy a noise canceling microphone, which incorporates a system that automatically reduces unwanted background noise. Most of these microphones for computers usually come with the handset attached, and although they are somewhat more expensive than traditional PC microphones, the truth is that worth paying the difference.

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