How to create restore points in Windows 7?

In this little guide will try to explain how we can create a restore point in Windows 7, a procedure that should not fail to be taken into account when our data and programs are well protected against any eventuality.
As we know, a restore point is always going to be a really useful tool for all our data recovery, system settings and programs in the event of a serious mistake to have happened after installing a conflicting program, or even become indispensable at the time of an accidental deletion of information from our system.
To create a restore point in Windows 7, follow the directions listed below.
1. We press on the Start button.
2. We drove to the icon “My Computer” and click the right button of mouse on it, and in the context menu that is displayed select “Properties”.
3. When selecting the “Properties” will open a window where the left side of it we can find a menu. We click on “System Protection”.
4. We click on “Create”.
5. At this point you’ll see a window called “Create a restore point.” In the dialog box it can enter a text to identify the restore point, meaning that you can give a descriptive name such as date was on it and press the button “Create”.
6. In this instance the system will begin to perform the requested action, producing the requested restore point. This task may take a few minutes, but depending on the capacity and speed of our computer.
7. Note that once completed, Windows 7 will be notified by a window that the task has completed successfully.

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