Conceptual version of the tablet Apple iPad mini

Today, a lot of rumours are walking about a smaller version of the Tablet PC Apple iPad. Tellingly, the same data comes from unofficial sources, which means that the device is feasible; it will be presented in coming months. At the same time Apple will not confirm or deny these rumours. There are also some technical specifications of the new device, but the designer Chikkareze Federico (Federico Ciccarese) is more interested in how the tablet will look in the real world.
Federico introduced the concept of a Tablet PC iPad mini, based on unofficial information about the future. The gadget is equipped with a 7.85-inch screen, and this is perhaps the only difference from a “large” 9.7-inch iPad, both copies are made in the same corporate style. The illustration to the concept depicted by iPad mini in the company with the original Tablet PC iPad and smartphone iPhone 4S. Rulers in the picture there, but a rough estimate of the screen iPad mini was a third less than the display iPad, and three times the display iPhone 4S.
Technical characteristics of the author are quite interesting, but we know that a smaller version of the tablet will be positioned as a budget unit with a retail price of less than $ 300. In all likelihood, it will not allow the manufacturer to install the tablet display with Retina, then the screen resolution will be traditional for the first two iPad 1024×768 pixels, this is quite sufficient for most purposes, and certainly enough for a budget device.

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