How to recover your deleted photos for free?

It happened by accident you deleted any pictures that you liked a lot, and before you know you lost forever. Don’t worry this can be reversed.
Surely we succeeded in more than one occasion that needs space in our digital camera we have removed the pictures it contained. Sometimes accidentally and unknowingly we may delete content that is not even recall previously stored on your PC. At the time, when we search our computer images that we thought we had dropped the camera, we have the sad reality of losing forever those photos.
But all is not lost, because in reality there are certain applications that are dedicated to recover deleted photos of such units. In this sense, one of the leading programs to carry out the task is called Recuva, which is a simple freeware developed by Piriform.
Basically it is software that performs a scan of the entire unit or from a particular directory, analyzing each sector to extract the files have been deleted. Among the files recovered by Recuva, then we can choose those you want to retrieve, which can be copied to the computer. Moreover, it is a tool which can also be used to retrieve other file types, such as text documents, PDF, and various.
Note that the file recovery is not fully guaranteed as this depends on the volume of files we have handled that is removed from the unit as well as other factors which may be decisive. But it is surely worth a try.

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