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How to sync any folder with SkyDrive

As with similar services, SkyDrive on a hard drive creates a folder where you must copy all the contents you want to synchronize in our storage space in the cloud. But what if you want to synchronize other folders on your computer? We show you a simple way to achieve this using symbolic links.
A symbolic link is to an actual file or directory and any software recognizes it as such, without moving the data it contains. When entering symlink directory which we want in our SkyDrive folder, you can automatically synchronize the data. The first step is to locate your SkyDrive folder, if you accept the default installation options should be in the path C: Users Username SkyDrive.
Mklink command lets you create symbolic links easily, following the syntax mklink / d dest (if a file is not necessary to put the / d). For example, typing in the console (to access it, just type cmd in the Start Search box) mklink / dc: users Username SkyDrive Movies C: Movies.
This will synchronize all contents of the Movies folder on your SkyDrive hard disk without data transfer (or copy, but it will be occupying twice the space) to the directory.

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