Immunization Tracking: Streamlining Your School System

For many, June means the end of the year. Students everywhere are being released for the summer, graduation parties are happening, and a feeling of relief is in the air.


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But for school administration, summer means prep time. While students are out enjoying the sun, administrators and teachers are utilizing these three months to forward information from the outgoing class. It’s time to prepare for a new crop of students.

Each year, schools are always getting a new crop of students, and there are certain requirements and verifications that must be met for each new student. Also, continuing students must also update their records. Administrators are responsible for completing this massive project. Additionally, each student must be assigned new teachers, and inventory needs to be done to ensure that each student will have the materials necessary to complete coursework.

And, perhaps most tedious of all, medical records must be verified in order to complete the enrollment process. Each student must be up-to-date on his or her vaccinations, and, depending on the program requirements, other medical documents, such as a physical, may be necessary in order to enroll. All of this means lots of paperwork and effort for school administration.

Inputting and verifying all of this data is a cumbersome, time consuming task. However, there is a way to streamline this process, eliminating large piles of paperwork and long hours in the office.

New technology can intake, process, and verify medical records for every single student. Not only that, but the program can also keep important medical information close at hand in case of an emergency. The information is stored on a secure server, and you can have immediate access at any time.

Some of the benefits of using this technology include:

  • Freeing up your staff’s valuable time for other tasks
  • Providing assurance that state mandated requirements are being met
  • Creating greener solution to the usual paper pile-up
  • Customization options for your school’s individual needs
  • Immediate access to a student’s information
  • Saves your school time and money by not having to pay someone to do this work manually
  • The intake and update process is simplified and expedited
  • Automatic expiration notifications are helpful to both schools and parents
  • Students with missing paperwork become easily identifiable

To get started, each student can be given login information directly from the tracking company so that they can be registered to the proper school. Then, immunization and medical information can be sent in through email, the postal service, or via fax machine.

So get started today. It’s never too late to turn your school around. Save time and money, and enjoy the benefits of having a streamlined system to help your school run more smoothly.

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