Top 5 Android Apps

The rate that mobile phone apps are being released has been increasing at an extreme pace throughout the past few years, bringing the current amount of apps on the Google Play Store to well over a million. With this many apps being released, it is very hard to be the most downloaded app, and there must be a good reason why it is so popular. Here are the top 5 most downloaded apps for Android and why they have been downloaded millions of times.


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Skype is the fifth most downloaded Android app. Skype released the free video messaging app on Android and iOS in 2010, and only three years later, they already had over 100 million downloads on Android. Skype is a convenient and free way to video call or just instant message any other Skype user. This used to only be available to computers with a webcam, but now that nearly every phone contains a front facing camera, it makes it possible to video chat with almost anyone anywhere. Video calling on the go makes Skype very popular to stay in touch with friends and loved ones.



With 1.3 billion active Facebook users, it isn’t hard to believe that the Facebook app for Android is this popular. In 2008, Facebook already had over 100 million users on the web, and one year later, the first Facebook app was released. This allowed the millions of users to make statuses, upload photos, and chat with their friends, all on the go. Facebook is the most popular social media website and also one of the most popular Android apps.


Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is a very popular web browser not only for computers, but for Android phones as well. Most phones come with a web browser built in, but Google Chrome still has been downloaded millions of times. Chrome offers fast web speeds, security, and some useful features. Google allows the user to sync their history and data between their phone browser and desktop browser in real time. This means you will always have the same history and accounts saved on both your computer and phone. They have many add on apps that allow the user many more features to give a much fuller experience when using Google Chrome on any device.


Angry Birds

Believe it or not, the second most downloaded app of all time is a game. Angry Birds was released in 2009 and instantly was a huge hit. The basis of angry birds is to slingshot birds at different angles to knock down small forts with pigs in it, eventually to hit the pigs. The game is so simple yet so addicting. They have created not just several hundred levels to play, but also many different versions of the original Angry Birds such as Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Angry Birds Epic. They have also expanded the game to not just phones, but computers and consoles as well.



Gmail is the number one most downloaded app on Android. Gmail got it’s name from “Google Mail” and “E-Mail” because Gmail was created by Google. Gmail is very popular because when you sign up for Android, to use any of the Play Services, you need a Google account. You can log into this Google account on Gmail and use it as an E-mail provider as well. It’s a simple app and very aesthetically pleasing. To be number one, they have to be doing something right!

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