3 Free Third-Party Mobile Browser Add-Ons to Boost Your Google Chrome

Is Google Chrome your go-to Web browser on your Android smartphone or tablet? Then add more functionality to it and increase your Web browsing efficiency. These three awesome third-party browser extensions for Chrome can help you. Download them all for free from the Google Play store.


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Clean Chrome

In a few clicks, you can have this free browser add-on to clear both your Chrome cache and data. Doing this helps keep your device running in optimal condition. What’s great about Clean Chrome is its ability to not only do the conventional cache clearing like most apps of its kind. Because it also clears the data on your mobile browser, you free up valuable memory space on your device and help secure your privacy. The free version of Clean Chrome occasionally shows a window screen touting its Pro edition, but that’s about all the advertising you’ll get. Clean Chrome does what it promises quickly and efficiently.

Phone 2 Google Chrome

With the Phone 2 Google Chrome add-on, you can easily forward links from your Android smartphone to your Chrome browser. To open the Web links you sent to your Chrome browser from your mobile phone, simply tap on the Phone 2 Google Chrome button on your browser to launch a new tab for each link.

This free Chrome extension works by creating a file in Dropbox. The file contains the information about the Web links you want to send to your browser. Each time you share a link with Phone 2 Google Chrome add-on, a new entry is added to this Dropbox-hosted file.

Chrome User Agent

Your Android device has to be rooted in order for this free Chrome browser extension to work. Chrome User Agent enables you to access certain websites that filter or block visitors according to browser types and operating systems. What it does is essentially give you a way to tweak how your Google Chrome browser looks on the Internet.

The Chrome User Agent extension offers eleven different user agent options. You are free to add, customize, and delete every user agent string. To edit a user string, simply long-press on Agent. Chrome User Agent supports both Chrome and Chrome beta.

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