NVIDIA Graphics and Motherboard Drivers

For some reason you’ve had to reformat your hard drive, or restore your computer to a time when you didn’t have the drivers for your NVIDIA graphics card or motherboard. You may or may not have the original CD which came with your NVIDIA product, and you’re not sure if they’re the latest drivers anyway. Well, NVIDIA has made it easy for you to get those drivers. The only limiting factor is the speed of your internet connection.


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First of all, don’t worry if you haven’t yet reformatted your hard drive, and reinstalled your operating system, or restored your system with an old backup. Windows operating systems will automatically load generic drivers for your NVIDIA products. If you have an NVIDIA motherboard the chances are that everything will work except the sound. The video will be blocky, slow, and refresh sluggishly. The important thing is to be patient. Simply go to the website, and choose your country of origin (or the closest to your country of origin with the same language within your continent). When the next page appears, click the Download Drivers link on the upper left side of the screen. This will take you to the NVIDIA Driver Downloads page where you will be presented with two options. Option 1 is for those who know what their product is. Under this option you will see five drop-down menu bars. Start by choosing your product type, then product series, and finally your product. (Example: GeForce, GeForce 8/9 /900Series, GeForce 8800 Ultra) The final two bars are for choosing your operating system and language. Once you have chosen, click the search bar to the right. This will bring you to a page with the drivers for the product you chose. If you’re unsure about your choice, the driver page will have information on the product you chose. Click the Supported Products tab, and search for your product. If you don’t see your graphics card or motherboard listed, click the back button on your browser and search again. If you do see it, click the Download button. This will take you to a page where you’ll be asked to agree or decline the License For Customer Use of NVIDIA Software. Click the Agree & Download button to proceed. From there you’ll have two options. You can either click the Run button in the pop-up download box, or Save. The Run button will download the install file to a temporary folder on your hard drive, and run it when completed. The Save button will save the install file to your hard drive. Choosing the save option will allow you to reinstall the drivers without re-downloading them if there is a problem. Option 2 is for people who are either unsure of what NVIDIA product they have, or aren’t confident in their technical abilities. With this option you’ll see Graphics Drivers and Motherboard Drivers buttons. Click on the type of NVIVIA product you have. On the next screen you might see a security bar drop down from the top of the browser screen if you’re using Windows XP or Windows Vista. Click on the bar and then click Install AxtiveX Control. (It might also say Install This Add-on for All Users on This Computer.) A box will pop up. Click the Install button. This will install an ActiveX add-on which automatically scans your system, searching for any NVIDIA products. Once it is done searching you will be taken to a page where you can download the drivers you need. From there follow the directions for downloading and installing the drivers from above. It’s that simple. If you have followed the directions outlined here, you should now have the drivers for your NVIDIA product installed. The only thing to do from here is to enjoy your computing experience.

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