4 Ways the Kindle Voyage Has Raised the E-Reader Bar


The media pundits are once again predicting that Amazon might have reached a little too high. Anyone familiar with Jeff Bezos and the way that he does business, however, understands that the CEO of Amazon has a solid sense of who his target customers are – as well as what they want.


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With the latest e-reader offering from Amazon, the Kindle Voyage, Bezos shows that he is remains the individual responsible for bringing the e-reading experience into the 21st century. Here are 4 reasons why the Kindle Voyage is already proving itself to be one of the “must have” items for 2014.

Improved High-Res E-ink

Boasting a screen resolution of 300 ppi, the Kindle Voyage comes closer than ever to recreating the experience of ink on a page. Bezos has always sought to make using an e-reader an effortless and sleek experience. From the very beginning, he has wanted his Kindle line of e-readers to allow people to simply “get lost in the story.”

PagePress Enhancement

When you hold a Kindle Voyage in your hand, placing your fingers on the edge of the screen, the new PagePress feature lets you turn the page without having to lift your hand from the device, providing yet another example of the Bezos dream of letting a reader forget about the e-reader and concentrate on the content. The slightest pressure from your finger allows you to move forward or backward in the book.

Adaptive Front Light Technology

Let’s say that you’re using your Kindle in a dark room. With the new Adaptive Front Light technology, the Kindle Voyage gradually turns down the device’s light. So, as your eyes adjust to various lighting conditions around you, the Kindle Voyage does the same thing.

Design Overhaul

Jeff Bezos knows that there is a market for premium devices, and in creating the Kindle Voyage, he has shown he knows how to cater to that market. This latest addition to the Kindle family has a unique reinforced glass front, complete with micro-etching. This provides a one-of-a-kind sensation, while also reducing the likelihood of glare. Plus, the new Kindle Voyage has a magnesium back, creating the thinnest Kindle ever.

With these bold changes to the Kindle e-reader lineup, Jeff Bezos has shown, once again, that the pundits claiming the death of the e-readers have spoken much too soon.

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