Online Shipping 101 – What Is Economy Ground Shipping?

What Is Economy Ground Shipping

What Is Economy Ground Shipping?

If you shop online, you have likely seen retailers offering free or flat-free economy ground shipping. As the name implies, economy ground shipping is the most cost-efficient form of ground shipping available. Shipping rates vary, depending on the size of the package, the destination and the carrier you choose.

Ground Shipping Explained

“Ground” shipping means that the package is shipped using land transportation, such as trains or trucks, rather than airplanes. All shipping companies do not use the same terminology. Federal Express, United Parcel Service and the United States Postal Service each offer a ground shipping service. “Economy” ground shipping usually refers to the least expensive shipping option available.

Shipping Time

The ground shipping method takes longer than air shipping. Economy ground shipping is best for customers who aren’t in a rush. When you use ground shipping, the package waits until a full truckload of goods is headed to your destination. USPS ground shipping, referred to as Parcel Post, takes approximately 2 to 8 days for delivery. FedEx guarantees delivery to every address in the U.S. within 1 to 5 business days. UPS ground deliveries can take up to 6 business days, depending on the distance from the destination.

Shipping Cost

Economy ground shipping is the cheapest ground shipping option you select. For example, UPS ground freight is a less expensive option than ground truck. Express ground mail ensures faster delivery, but is more expensive than economy ground shipping or standard ground shipping.

Size and Weight Limits

Ground shipping is less restrictive than air transport when it comes to the weight, size, quantity and type limitations. UPS is limited to packages that weigh 70 lbs or less. You can use FedEx Ground Shipping for packages up to 150 lbs, up 108 inches in length and up to 165 in length plus girth.

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  1. Can I see we’re my package at by my email my item was shipped with economy mail but I don’t have no tracking number but I wanted to se if I can track it by email

  2. Where is my package? I got an email saying it was going to be here 8-19-20, then the next day said 8-18-20. I looked at it the following day and now it says nothing but its shipped? That does not make any sense due to The fact I DO NOT HAVE MY PACKAGE AND THERE ARE NO DATES!!!
    What is going on?! If I would’ve known the store I purchased from used this shipping company I would NOT have purchased because I have never heard of “Economy Ground” before. They do not keep you up to “date” and they give you very little information in the ONE EMAIL THEY SEND YOU!!

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