Growing Your Email List: 9 Components of a Great Opt-in Box

Growing Your Email List
Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do for your small business. And if your website and content are good, you can grow a list by simply adding an opt-in box.
However, you want to do everything you can to maximize your opt-in rate (the percentage of your visitors who subscribe to your newsletter). One way to do this is by making sure that you have all the following elements present in your opt-in box.


High Visibility,That little box that captures names and emails addresses is one of the most important elements of a small business website. Many business owners have grown lists so large that they make thousands of dollars just by sending emails.
You can potentially do the same, but first, your opt-in needs to be in a highly visible place. A person should be able to easily spot your opt-in box upon landing on your website.
Your opt-in box should also be easily viewable on every page of your website.


Catchy Design,Having a catchy design will also make your opt-in box more visible. One easy way to call attention to it is to make the background of the box a different color than the rest of the page.
You can add multiple colors and other visual elements, but make sure that the box still blends well with the page.


Compelling Headline,Your opt-in box should have an attention-grabbing headline. You can make the headline stand out by making it big and bold, and you can also use a different font type and color.
The headline must also match what your site is about. Ideally, you will have created a free gift that addresses some sort of problem or need that your visitors typically have.
Then, your headline will tell your visitors how your free gift can help solve a problem or fulfill a need.


An Eye-Catching Image,You want to call attention to your opt-in box, and you also want people to feel strongly compelled to submit their contact information to receive your offer. A nice, relevant image can help you accomplish both objectives.
Typically, a lot of thought goes into designing and creating the packaging for a physical product or book. The same kind of attention should go into creating an appealing image for downloadable products.


The Word FREE,The word “free” should be added somewhere in your opt-in message. That magical word is and always will be a huge attention grabber.
Even if you have a mediocre opt-in box, the word “free” will be enough to compel some people to take what you’re giving.


Brief Description of Benefits,You should not add a long description about your free offer to an opt-in box. However, you do want to briefly mention what’s in it for your visitor if they opt-in to receive your gift.
In as few words as possible, tell your visitor how it will benefit them if they read your report, listen to your audio, or watch your video.


Call to Action,Don’t assume that everyone knows what to do when they see a newsletter sign-up box. You must include a clear call to action. Tell your visitors what to do; tell them to submit their name and email address and hit Submit (or whatever your button says) to receive the free gift.


Just Names and Emails,The more information you ask for, the fewer subscribers you’re going to get. Keep it simple. Just ask for names and email addresses.


Privacy Statement,People don’t like being spammed, and you can put their concerns to rest by including a short privacy message at the bottom of your opt-in box. Tell your visitors that you promise to not share their email addresses with anyone, ever.

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