Photography Tips- Positioning Your Model

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All photographers should know the basics of setting up modeling poses as well as the different positions for the models to take while at the photo shoot. Whether standing, sitting, laying, kneeling, or reclining, the perfect pose can make any body type and outfit shine! Even those experienced models will need some directions and coaching at times . This is why knowing how to set up poses quickly and easily will help make your job easier and will result in a better photograph and a more successful photo shoot.

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Poses That Cover The Basics

There are key fundamental elements to the different poses photographers use. Tweaking and adding elements to the poses is where the photographer can personalize the look to fit his or her own unique style. Following are some of the basic poses to work from.

Have the model lean lightly against something

Zoom in on the face and use the hands to frame the face in the shot

Let the model lay on one side or on their back or stomach depending on the look you are going for

They can be seated , back straight and their legs tucked to one side

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There are countless ways you can position your model just by working from these basic poses. Adding a personal touch with a prop, background, or a certain camera effect or angle are easy way to make your photos even more memorable, even with the basic poses. The most important part of setting up your model, regardless of what general pose you use, is addressing the model as a whole.

For example:

When doing face shots, don’t have the model look directly at the camera; having them gaze slightly off-center will create a more natural and less ‘posed’ look and feel.

Pay attention to the eyes, a slight shift in the gaze coupled with the camera angle can drastically change the mood and feel of a photo.

The mouth can also convey a variety of emotions depending on it the lips are open or closed, pursed together or relaxed, or if the mouth is slightly opened or jaws are clenched.

Some models don’t know what they are suppose to use their hands for in a photo, so giving them props to hold can be an excellent place to start for a quick fix.

Incorporating the background and setting into the model’s pose can help it seem more natural.

Hands can be folded in front, propped on a table or stand, or posed beside the head; avoid having the arms pulled behind the back or clasped in front of the person near stomach level.

Try to remind the model to relax to keep the pose looking natural- relax shoulders, tilt head, don’t stare straight ahead, and find a comfortable pose for the body.

For full body shots, pay attention to the knees, legs, and feet if they are in the shot; they can throw off a perfect pose.

Knees bent slightly, and feet slightly apart and off set will keep the model from looking too rigid or frozen.

Taking a view from the side with the model standing with his or her body slightly turned can give a nice shot, especially of the face.

There are many other tips and tricks that can be easily implemented to make a photo shoot go smoothly and make it easier to work around positioning your model. A good pose and a little creativity can hide flaws, slim someone’s figure, accentuate a strong feature, and help emphasize your style and flare. Even the most experienced photographer has had to rely on these oldies but goodies and they are good poses to keep in your arsenal for when the need arises.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Positioning of the model and making them comfortable during the photo shoot is the key element to the successful photography session.


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