Should You Purchase a Netbook or Laptop Computer?

Choosing the right computer is something that a lot of people struggle with. Most people are not that familiar with all of the latest technology, but they would like to get the most value for their money. When it comes to computers there are many different options from smart phones to laptops to desktop computers and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article will primarily focus on deciding whether you should purchase a laptop or netbook computer.

Netbook Computer

A netbook computer is basically a portable computer just like a laptop, but it has a slightly different purpose. Netbooks are designed to provide you with both a balance of convenience and portability at the expense of performance. A netbook is similar to a laptop, but it is usually smaller with 11-14 inch screens and they are also usually lighter in weight. Many of them do not have optical disc drives and they may fewer ports and inputs than laptop computers. They are designed to provide you with a keyboard, Internet access, and a couple of other features for light use and a relatively cheaper price than a laptop. This is a good option for students or most people who just need to have access to computer while they are on the go. However, this is not a good option for people that need to use their computers for professional purposes such as graphic design, video and music production, or programming

Laptop Computer

A laptop is almost like a more powerful netbook. Laptops came before netbooks and they were actually designed to function as a substitute for a desktop computer. They have many of the same features of desktop computers and they tend to be more powerful and more expensive than netbooks. A laptop computer will usually have 15-17 inch screen and it will weigh about 5-8 lbs. Many laptop computers now come with 4-8 GB of RAM and include processors that enable users to focus on more intensive endeavors such as graphic design, photography, video production, programming, and etc. Laptops are best for professionals or students that are involved in areas that require their computers to function at a higher level.


Choosing between a laptop or netbook really depends on your personal and professional needs. Ideally, budget should not be the deciding factor, but netbooks are the most inexpensive solution suitable for everyday people and students that just need to have computer access outside of the home. Most people will choose netbooks for that reason, but some professionals that use their compute for their livelihood will probably be better off purchasing laptops with more features and better performance.

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