The Three Key Advantages to Buying a Netbook

You have decided that it is time to buy a new portable computer. With so many options out there these days, it can be difficult to know what to buy to suit your needs. Laptops are becoming more and more common in the home, and consumers have been looking for an alternative. This is where the Netbook comes in. There are many advantages in investing in a Netbook and here are the top three:

1 – Size

The first and most important point is that a Netbook is considerably more compact than a laptop. Screen sizes range from around 7 to 12 inches and the screens themselves are normally of high quality. Netbooks are also much lighter than laptops, weighing in at around 3 pounds maximum. This means they are perfect for travel and take up very little room.

2 – Battery Life

Secondly, battery life can be long on higher end models, with some manufacturers claiming over 10 hours. Do check with your seller before you buy, to make sure you have a model with a long battery life. If you mainly use your Netbook whilst travelling, this becomes a crucial factor.

3 – Price

Of course there is the third advantage of owning a Netbook: the price. Netbooks are considerably cheaper than many laptops; this makes them an attractive proposition for money-saving consumers. You may be compromising on hard drive space (more on that in a moment) and on screen size but your bank account is thanking you. Sometimes Netbooks can be less than half the price of laptops, especially if you catch a sale.

It is important to note that Netbooks normally have more than enough hard drive space, often running into the hundreds of gigabytes. They are perfectly able to cope with day-to-day computer activities such as emails, web surfing, shopping, videos, downloading and live streaming. The operating systems are normally versions of those found on other computers, such as Windows and Linux. Once you get used to the slightly smaller keyboard, you will have no problems typing. Newer models have improved keyboard designs which prevent any feeling of being restricted as you type.

Using a computer on a long journey or in a café has never been easier. If you can’t stand the small screen of a smart phone, or if you wish you had an alternative to a heavy laptop, then a Netbook is your answer.

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