Skydrive is now available for Mac

Skydrive for Mac is a storage option in the cloud by Microsoft, which supports the latest Apple operating system that offers up to 7GB of free space.
Microsoft has launched today in partnership Skydrive client, service storage in the cloud, for Mac OS X.
Icloud-style or Dropbox, Skydrive for Mac OS X creates a folder on your computer and everything that we put in that folder is automatically synchronized with any Mac or PC and dedicated servers Skydrive, allowing storing our files in the cloud and accessing them from anywhere.
Skydrive is integrated into the Finder own way to manage offline files from your computer, allowing only add files by dragging them directly to the application folder and organize them as if it were a system folder for all purposes.
Skydrive is compatible with Lion, required to have an active account in Windows Live and has been released on several options, starting with a very interesting free option that offers 7GB of storage, expandable to 25GB if you were already user of Skydrive.
In addition, Microsoft offers different payment options depending on the capacity ranging from 10 dollars to 50 (between 8 and 40 € or so) for a storage space that can reach 100GB.

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