The next iPhone would be much thinner thanks to the In-Cell Technology

The next iPhone multitouch sensors could be attached to the screen, rather than superimpose, thus reducing the final thickness of the device.
Few top analysts have contributed to the rumour mill surrounding the appearance and manners of the next iPhone, ensuring that Apple will use the In-Cell technology on your screen, so you get a reduction in the thickness of the device, compared to current model.
This technology is to place the sensors within the cells for colour filter rather than above them, as is done with On-Cell technology employed in the present iPhone.
Therefore, by combining screen and sensors on the same level would reduce the thickness of the terminal, one of the strengths that have the next generation of Apple’s mobile phone.
This move could mean a change of Korean manufacturers for its devices, as may be the case with Samsung, Apple maintains that precisely the lawsuit after lawsuit, by Japanese manufacturers like Sony, Sharp or Toshiba, leading developer of this technology.

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