Step by Step Guide on How to Install a Controller Card

For a successful installation of a controller card it is advisable that you take time to follow standard procedure. This involves preparation for the installation (unpacking controller kit and learning about its requirements), determining the best possible approach for the installation of the controller card on to your computer, actual installation of related softwares and even how to switch booting devices. This is an important aspect of the installation as it helps you to make sure everything needed for the installation is available.

Prior to the actual installation, make sure you have the controller card to be installed, its installation software and connection cables. Determine which operating system your computer uses as this serves as a guiding factor during actual installation of both the hardware and software in question.

Make sure the computer is turned off, then remove the cover. Completely detach the power cable from the computer. After doing this, choose one from the available empty PCI expansion slots on the system board. Make sure the IDE cables that are intended for the installation of this hardware stretch all the way from the hard drive to the card slot on the system board.

If you are installing a new controller card remove the expansion slot cover, hold the card by the corners and place the extension card straight into the PCI expansion slot. Make sure the card remains upright. Having done this you can now connect the IDE cables to the card. Also make sure these cables are connected to the drive that is going to be used during the computer’s booting process. Connect the LED cable to the two LED connector pins on the card and make sure that the red cable remains on top. Replace the computer cover then check for the operating system that is installed in your computer. This is very important as it forms the basis of the next step of action after fixing in the hardware.

Depending on the operating system in your computer, you will know whether to continue with the installation of the device’s software or to change the booting device. While installing a controller hard drive keep in mind specific specifications and featuristic characteristics such as the use of a dual channel PCI IDE bus master controller, ability to co exist with most IDE/ATAPI controllers, compatibility with operating systems, flash bios support and capability to work perfectly on hard drives larger than 8.4 GB.










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