Technology: What GPS Can’t Do

The GPS is a wonder of modern technology that has helped to guide drivers since it was first made available to the general public. It can help you get from point A to point B with little difficulty. It can help you find your way when you get lost, even if it helped you get lost in the first place. Some GPS devices can even detect traffic delays to a certain extent. However, there are some things a GPS device simply cannot do.

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A GPS,has no way of identifying any road, highway, or bridge that has not been programmed into its memory. Even a fully updated GPS might be lacking in certain places. New construction is usually the biggest problem here, but there are some things, especially certain bridges, that never seem to get added no matter how many times you update your GPS. There will be times when the GPS will be completely confused as to where you are and where you’re going.

If you have to go ‘off route’, give your poor, confused GPS a break, and remember that if you haven’t updated the device manually, then it hasn’t been updated. Most GPS devices do not update themselves have to be updated manually, so try not to forget. It is generally recommended that you update your GPS every six months, usually in the spring and fall. This will ensure that your device is full updated at all times. If you live in an area with frequent construction, especially if new roads and bridges are being built, you may want to update your GPS more often.

The GPS is not a replacement for a human brain. Your GPS has no idea where the stoplights, stop signs, and other important traffic signals might be located. While driving and following the directions given to you by the GPS, make sure you’re paying attention to the road. The GPS is not going to tell you to ‘stop at the light,’ so if you sail through a red light or stop sign and get a ticket for it, don’t blame the device.

While there are some GPS devices that can detect traffic delays, you can still get caught in traffic by following the directions given to you by your GPS. One thing the GPS can do is help you pick an alternate route in an attempt to get around the traffic jam. Simply go off-route and allow the GPS to come up with an alternative for finding your destination.

Try to remember that a GPS device is not perfect, and it certainly can’t read your mind. Your GPS only knows what it’s been told, so if it occasionally gets you lost or you end up where you didn’t want to be, don’t be unduly upset. Your GPS can guide you to your destination quickly and efficiently, but only with a little help from you and some common sense.

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