5 Reasons Why 4G Is Better Than 3G


Fourth Generation Cellular Network, more commonly known as 4G, is the cutting edge of cellular service. For some, that’s enough of a reason to upgrade, but many need more to justify the cost than just the novelty of the newest technology and toys. The following are five advantages 4G has over its predecessor 3G.

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Speed – 4G providers claim that their data speed is up to ten times faster than 3G networks. In today’s lightning-fast world of technology, businesses and individuals require tools that can allow them to function with smooth efficiency. The enormous demands of data-transfer have begun to bog 3G networks down while 4G shoulders the growing burden easily.


Reliability – the signal strength and availability of 4G promises to be a large step up from the current 3G networks, with a wider reach and improved reception.


Variety – faster data transmissions support a wider variety of applications and platforms on the 4G, including digital television, streaming video, and internet access gaming. Plus 4G is available across different wireless technologies and devices.


Security – 4G promises to have even more stringent protocols for protection against hackers and privacy infringement. In this age of identity theft and wireless burglary, security is of utmost importance.


Storage Capacity – with our society’s need for data flow increasing by leaps and bounds, 3G will soon be unable to accommodate the amount of data transfer and storage required. 4G’s transfer is smooth and efficient.

While businesses demand efficiency and speed in their technology in order to beat out their competition, individuals also find the new services not just convenient but a critical time-saver. As the saying goes, time is money and the 3G technology grows progressively slower while 4G blazes a trail into the future at light-speed.

In our world of never-ending progress, technologies are created and become obsolete in the blink of an eye. While 3G yields to 4G and our wireless needs grow exponentially, the question becomes: When will we see 5G?

this article is written By Michelle O’Leary

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