The 5 Coolest Security Gadgets

These ground-breaking devices are designed to protect their users from a wide range of common security problems like theft, covert surveillance and pure carelessness. From futuristic phones to high tech trackers, these five gadgets will keep their owners safe and sound.

1. Blackphone

A joint effort between Spanish startup Geeksphone and American cryptographic software company Silent Circle, the Blackphone is the newest weapon in the fight against government and corporate tracking. Featuring complete encryption of text messages and phone calls, the Blackphone also has the added advantage of the Disconnect service that anonymizes all Internet traffic. The Android-based phone features a remote wipe option in case of theft and 6 GB of free storage space courtesy of cloud storage company SpiderOak.

2. Axiskey

Sonavation’s newest biometric gadget is turning heads in the tech world. The Axiskey provides a cheap fingerprint scanner that can be easily connected to laptops and smartphones. With the Axiskey’s sensitive biometric scanner, remembering a bevy of complicated passwords is a problem of the past. The scanner uses innovative ultrasound technology to record fingerprint ridges, blood flow and even bone structure underneath the skin.

3. Safeplug

Cloud storage company Pogoplug has moved into the anonymization market with their Tor-in-a-box Safeplug product. Safeplug is a good solution for tech novices who find talk of nodes and relays headache-inducing. It’s also a quick option for the more technically savvy who want to save time. Safeplug connects directly with routers to anonymize web traffic. Designed to appeal to those who want to browse the web without being tracked, Safeplug also includes an ad-blocker.

4. Nymi wristband

The brainchild of Canadian tech firm Bionym, the incredible Nymi wristband marks a new chapter in authentication technology. The bracelet’s electrodes record their wearer’s distinctive heartbeat and use the unique pattern to unlock numerous devices. Unlike other methods of user authentication like passwords and fingerprints, the human heartbeat can’t be duplicated. The Nymi is also equipped for gesture recognition, opening up limitless possibilities for its use.

5. GateKeeper Chain

American startup CoolCAD Electronics has decided to cater to the more forgetful computer users by creating the GateKeeper Chain. Using encryption and Bluetooth technology, the handy little key fob automatically locks and unlocks a computer when the fob moves in and out of range. It also includes a free app that monitors the location of keys, purses and pets and alerts the user when they lose them.

Whether someone wants to hide from bureaucratic snooping or find a secure way to protect their data, these five devices will safeguard their vital information.

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