A Short Review of the Samsung Galaxy S5

Since the introduction of Android-based and Galaxy cell phones, Samsung has not only become one of the chief contenders in the smartphone industry, but has also become a favorite and acclaimed brand throughout the world. With the launch of its latest flagship piece, the Galaxy S5, fans have a lot to see. Let’s take a quick look.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a plastic covered body. This move by Samsung may seem a bit strange to some smartphone lovers, especially because rivals Apple and HTC have come up with metal-cased models of late. It also does not sport the typical metallic band used to emphasize the designing about a phone’s rim. Even so, the phone feels strong when you hold it in your hands. With a rugged build, the S5 can withstand rough use. Highly resistant to water, dust and abrasions, you don’t have to worry about this phone being scratched or damaged. Equipped with the beautiful Touchwiz interface, the screen effects are more eye-pleasing. The My Magazine app has now been permanently put on the home screen for quick and easy access. It corresponds to HTC’s Blinkfeed and is largely customizable. This phone also comes with a host of other useful apps like Galaxy Essentials, Galaxy Gift, S Health, Geo News etc. that are already installed. Sometimes you may find that the screen does not respond quickly enough to your touches. (It might be because you are wearing gloves or for some other reason). To resolve this issue, you can set the screen sensitivity to a high level.

This phone features a 16 MP camera which is an upgrade from the 13 MP one used by models from S4 series. At the front, an additional 2 MP camera is also attached which enables users to carry out video calling with ease and use the cell phone effortlessly in double-camera mode. A horde of retouching add-ons and special effects from S4 like the beauty face, burst mode etc. have been included in this model which make on-the-fly editing of your captures very easy and save you the trouble of transferring them to a computer for manual editing.

Other prominent features

What make the Samsung Galaxy S5 stand out are innovative and unique features like kids mode, easy mode, heart rate sensor, fingerprint scanner etc. With the ‘Kids mode’, you do not have to worry about your children using the phone accidentally to send texts or emails and make calls. Enabling this mode prevents all important operations from being carried out especially when you are not using it. The ‘Easy mode’ is specially designed for users with a weak eyesight and allows them to comfortably use the screen menus by increasing font sizes considerably. This feature is greatly helpful particularly when young as well as aged people want to use the phone. In this mode, the menus and main screen are arranged more cohesively so that most of the phone’s functions are accessible and usable with a single touch. Most of the recently released versions of all popular smartphones include a fingerprint scanner as an enhanced security measure. The Galaxy S5 is no exception. Moreover, this phone is equipped with a heart rate sensor that makes it a perfect mate for fitness enthusiasts. Integrated S Health app allows you to keep a track of your heartbeat rate with a single touch. Now carry your fitness monitor in your pocket!

Though not a huge transition from the S4 series, S5 definitely surpasses Samsung’s previous releases in terms of appearance and functionality. It’s speculated that more features will be eventually added if this phone receives a great response from buyers, which is most likely to happen.

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