The Four Best Free Online QR Code Generators


Quick response (QR) codes allow mobile phone users to easily capture data from print materials using a 2d barcode. The data can be a URL, personal contact info, geo location data, almost anything. Simply take a picture of the QR code with a phone. The phone can then surf to the URL, add the contact to its address book or display an image, a video or a map. It takes a special encoder to create QR codes, but there’s no need to buy one. There are free generators online with many different feature levels that can handle most any need.

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Zxing –

Zxing offers a basic QR generator with easy to understand forms. The site isn’t flashy, but for a down and dirty QR code generator, there probably isn’t a better alternative. Choose a data type (contact info, URL, email address, etc.), input the data, generate, download import into your favorite label making software and print. Use it for a sticker on the back of your business card or promotional mail-out.

Delivr –

Delivr’s code generator offers more data type options and the ability to add color to the QR code. Delivr also offers free tracking of the QR code once it’s generated. Create an account, generate a QR code, download and print. Track clicks in a simple online dashboard provided by Delivr. Delivr also allows the QR code data to be modified once the code is created. For example, if the code is used for ‘this month’s specials’, the same QR code can point to a new URL each month.

BeQRious –

BeQRious’ generator offers even more data types including links to special URLs like YouTube, Google Maps or a Facebook profile. A choice of square or round data blocks can be chosen to add even more style options. BeQRious also offers free QR code click tracking along with click tracking campaigns and ongoing modification of the QR code data.

Azonmobile –

Azonmobile offers a much more comprehensive QR generator that lets the user choose colors, use a background image and embed a logo in the QR code. The interface will probably require some experimentation to take advantage of all the QR code style options, but the generated codes can be very sophisticated. Azonmobile includes free tracking, ongoing modification of data and a long list of different data types. Azonmobile also offers to host the QR code so it can be embedded in a Web page or email with ease. Copy and paste the code into the HTML and instant QR code. No need to download the QR code image, then upload it to a web server.

Free online QR code generators can generate anything from basic get it now codes, to sophisticated branded codes with logos, company colors, custom code tracking and hosting. With more and more mobile phone users, the possibilities are vast for the use of QR codes.

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