6 Free Motion Detector Apps for Your Android Device

Motion Detector

Do you have old Android smartphones with working cameras? Then harness them to create a wireless and fully functional remote surveillance system. All you need is the right app. Each time there’s movement on an area where you trained the phone’s camera, a picture gets taken.

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Here are six amazing apps with motion detection capability. You can download them all for free from the Google Play store.

Gotcha Lite

Install the free Gotcha Lite app on your Android smartphone and then set its level of sensitivity to movement. Make sure that you select silent mode before aiming the camera to survey an area of interest. When the app detects motion, it will then take a picture, which will be stored on the phone’s SD card.

Spy Motion Detector

Another basic motion detector app that you can get from the Google Play store, Spy Motion Detector captures a photo whenever it detects movement. It is also equipped with an alarm mode to signal activity.

Motion Detector

Like Spy Motion Detector, the free Motion Detector app from software developer dNT lends your Android device’s camera with motion sensing functionality, which automatically takes photos when triggered. Like in Gotcha Lite, the image files are stored in the SD card.

Motion Detector Pro

With Motion Detector Pro, you can turn your Android smartphone into a motion-sensor-equipped spy cam, which can automatically take a snapshot whenever there’s movement in a specific area. Motion Detector Pro also allows an email or a text message to be sent so that you can view the image link on another mobile device. Note that the SMS text message option will have its associated costs meted by your wireless carrier.

Camera Trigger

The richly featured Camera Trigger app not only sends an email with an attached photo each time it detects activity, it also records videos and allows automatic uploading to your Dropbox account. Also, the app comes with a Time Lapse setting that works like a typical camera’s self-timer.


An easy-to-use motion detector app for taking images stealthily, SpyKit captures images even when the screen is off. It even has a handy Floating Camera feature that enables you to record video in real time while using your smartphone. Take advantage of SpyKit’s unique activation features. You can activate its image capture functionality via the hard keys (meaning, you can use the innocuous volume buttons) or remotely through an SMS text message. It can also sync with your Dropbox account.

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  1. what the hell are you talking about? Gotcha Lite only detects if someone picks up your phone or if it was used somehow. nothing to do with pictures.

    fake article!

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