Apple Configurator 1.0.1, configuring IOS devices block

Now the new version of the tool configuration block of IOS devices is available, focused on solving known problems and improves performance for a better integration of Apple’s mobile devices in the enterprise or schools.
Apple is now available with Configurator 1.0.1, the tool for configuring IOS devices block, especially useful for corporations, schools and other agencies need to configure multiple iPhones, iPods Cases or both, as Configurator is able to configure up to 30 devices at the same time.
This great software tool updates all devices, applications and creates synchronized backups of all data, and organize them into custom groups previously created, contributing to a great implementation of Apple’s mobile devices for group work previously cited in settings such as businesses or schools.
The new version 1.0.1, in addition to classical performance and stability improvements, fixes some known issues, such as import and installation of files. Ipa, import all redeem code for applications, erasing notes and bookmarks on iTunes U or iBooks, WPA2 password management, among others.
Apple Configurator is free and requires a Mac with Mac OS X 10.7.2 or later installed.

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