Using Facebook to Promote Your Business

One of the best ways to begin promoting your business is through the use of social media platforms. Facebook is one of the most lucrative platforms from which to launch an advertising campaign. However, like many social media platforms like it, Facebook has it’s own language. Let’s have a look at some of the ways that you can begin promoting your business through Facebook:


Four Key Tips for Facebook Business Success

Improved Marketing With Facebook Audience Insights

Begin Networking:

One of the biggest advantages of using Facebook to promote your business is the ability to begin networking with people who can spread the word for you…your influencers in this case. Your influencers are those who play instrumental roles in the promotion of your product. As your goal is to generate PR for your business via third party representation, begin with those you know who take a particular interest in the type of product or service that you wish to promote. Start locally. Once you’ve begun to generate a following, reach out to people with large numbers of friends in their circles and ask them to promote your product or service for you in exchange for acknowledgement on your page. The more friends you have by proxy, the more activity your page will enjoy.

Use Videos Effectively:

Once you’ve generated a following, you need to keep your visitors engaged. There is no way to go from zero Likes to 1,000 Likes overnight, but if you start now, you might see a thousand Likes in a few months. One of the best ways to keep visitors engaged is to use video on your facebook page. Whether it be a live feed of your semi-annual conference or a video of yourself introducing a new product or service, you will want to include video in your posts on a regular basis. Ensure that your videos are compatible across numerous operating systems, including mobile operating systems, in order to improve your conversion.

Start Using Applications:

Facebook, in and of itself, is a fabulous marketing tool. However, in order to enjoy all of the benefits of using Facebook to promote your business, consider using it in conjunction with something else. HootSuite enables you to schedule posts to appear on certain days and at certain times. Schedule posts at the beginning of the month and leave it be. The posts will appear as scheduled, keeping activity alive while you focus on what really matters, your advertising campaign. Also, consider linking your business Facebook page with Twitter and LinkedIn. This way, all posts that you make on Facebook will appear on the corresponding social media platforms, improving your page rank.

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