Web Promotion: Why Are Facebook Likes Important?

Facebook has become a powerful promotional tool for websites and businesses alike, reaching millions of potential customers daily. Even though getting likes is the key to generating viewer interest, few understand how and why it works. Without this knowledge, however, it is very difficult to reach the largest possible audience. Read below to find out why getting likes should be a vital part of any web promotion strategy.

Improved Marketing With Facebook Audience Insights

Making a Facebook Page for Your Business, Product, or Organization

Keeping track of the type of people who like your page will help you figure who to target with your promotional efforts, whether you use a personal website, social media, or other methods. Otherwise, you may waste your time trying to reach an audience that has very little interest in your product or service. Also, by monitoring the amount of likes your page receives, you can gauge your success, allowing you to quickly change your strategy to get the best results.

Many people on Facebook don’t interact with pages at all, but those who do are usually more engaged and will click on external links more often. Also, those who are active on Facebook usually have more friends, increasing their ability to drive interest in your page. By focusing your efforts on getting likes, you will naturally create a very engaged and influential following.

Facebook keeps track of the email address of everyone who likes your page, allowing you to create an email marketing campaign targeting them specifically. Doing so is an easy way to give valuable content that promotes your business to an audience that is already interested. As with any email marketing campaign, many of your contacts will react negatively if you send information too often. Instead, share important content that will help keep them interested without feeling overwhelmed.

Facebook likes serve as a powerful way to drive new traffic to external sites, such as a personal website or blog. Every time someone likes a shared link to an external site on Facebook there is a small chance of a news story being created on their friends’ walls. As the link gets more likes, it will grow in popularity as the number of posted news stories increases.Best of all, adding the ability to share your website on Facebook requires only a few lines of code. Many popular blogging sites, such as WordPress, offer webpage templates with this functionality already built-in.

Even though generating likes is one of the best ways to reach a larger audience, its effectiveness as a promotional tool depends on your ability to take advantage of its unique quirks. But its powerful ability to reach new viewers is definitely worth the effort.

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