4 Frustrating Things about Google Glass

James A. Martin, a writer for CIO.com, wore Google Glass on and off for a six-week period and then wrote about the wearable computing device. Here are four of the complaints that Martin noted regarding his Glass user experience.

Easily Gets Warm

Even if Glass has been placed in sleep mode, it is still warm the next time it is picked up. This means the device has to be powered down completely when not in use, because it takes up to 45 minutes for it to sufficiently cool down. Also, it gives a warning message that says, “Glass must cool down to run smoothly,” which may appear when a user is charging and using the device at the same time.

Unsatisfactory Battery Life

According to the Google Glass technical specifications stated at
https://support.google.com/glass/answer/3064128?hl=en the wearable gadget’s battery life should last one day for typical use. However, even a minute of video recording can already cause considerable draining of the battery.

In addition, to gain online connection, Google Glass links to the user’s Android or iOS device, so it also impacts the smartphone’s battery.


The display screen for Google Glass is above the wearer’s right eye. Thus, the user’s gaze is inevitably drawn upward–an unnatural eye direction, which can lead to headaches most especially when the device is worn for long periods of time. However, a Glass wearer can get used to it over time.

Video Calls

Video calls on Google Glass are made through Google Hangouts. And not everyone prefers Hangouts for their video chatting. Some people would rather go through Skype, Facebook Messenger, or other similar video conferencing apps.

All in all, these four Glass quirks noted by the CIO.com writer simply bolster the device’s intended use as a hands-free complement to the smartphone and not as a replacement. For example, the Glass can tap into the mobile phone’s cellular connection to quickly reply to emails and text messages, as well as to make and take calls.

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