computers Review,One Simple Solution to All of Your Conversion Needs

File extensions are an unfortunate necessity in the world of computers, and they can often cause compatibility issues with certain websites or programs. It can be a major pain trying to find a program to convert your files to the format you need, and often times users end up needing to install several different conversion programs. Fortunately, there’s an all-in-one program that can convert your documents, pictures, music, and even videos – and best of all, it’s accessible directly from your browser.

What is the Program?

You can find this online program at , and while it doesn’t support every single file extension known to man, it does support all of the most popular ones. If you’re looking for a specific type of file to convert, you can use the search located underneath the conversion tools. Just type in the file extension you want to convert, and the output extensions you’re looking for, and you’ll know in a couple of seconds if it’s compatible.

How do I use Online Convert?

Using the online program is very easy, just find the converter you’re looking for, whether it be the Audio Converter, Image Converter, Video Converter, or any of the six available programs. You can either choose a file type from the drop down menu, or just click on the text (i.e. click on “Audio Converter”) and choose it from there.

Depending on the Converter you choose, there will be a variety of optional settings that you can designate. For example, when using the MP3 Converter, you can choose a specific bitrate for the exported file, as well as a sampling rate and whether it is a Stereo or Mono track. You can even trim the audio, which makes this useful for creating custom ringtones for your smartphone as well.

Images and Videos have some awesome features as well, users can re-size the video resolution, and reduce quality in order to save space on their HDD. Frame Rate, Audio Quality, and Video Bitrate can all be edited as well, and the trimming options are present for videos just as they were for audio. There isn’t much you can’t do with this online tool, and the features even outweigh a lot of downloadable software.

Alternative Solutions for Conversion

As stated in the introduction, it’s difficult to find one program that will take care of all your conversion needs like Online Convert does. But you can find a lot of great dedicated Video Conversion programs, as well as programs for other types of conversions (Images, Documents, etc). Unfortunately, the good ones are usually going to cost you roughly $30 – $50, whereas Online Convert is completely free to use.

Some suggestions for downloadable software would be WinAVI for video conversion, RZ Audio Converter for audio conversion, and Pixillion Image Converter for image conversion. However, I’d still recommend you stick to the free to use browser program offered at  but that may not always be the most practical solution.

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