4 Products for Securing and Tracking Your Smartphone

Securing and Tracking Your SmartphonePrevent your smartphone from being stolen or find it fast in case you misplace it. Here are four awesome products that can help you protect your smartphone and the valuable personal data it contains.


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iFi Smart Tag

Created by iFi Systems, Smart Tag comes in two variations. The one for iPhone 5 or 4S retails at $29.95, while Smart Tag for Android comes with a $34.95 price tag. Download Smart Tag’s matching app either from the Google Play store or Apple store. Through Bluetooth, a proximity alarm is triggered if your smartphone goes out of range–at around 30 feet–of the Smart Tag that you can attach to your wallet, key ring, or purse. Then in a few minutes, you will receive an email showing your smartphone’s last GPS location on a Google map. Smart Tag is independent of your cell network reception.

Smart Key

Similar to iFi Systems’ Smart Tag, Elgato’s Smart Key enables you to efficiently keep track of your smartphone via a Bluetooth proximity alarm system paired with a matching iOS app. Smart Key does not have support for Android yet. At 39.95€, Smart Key can also be used to keep track of your other valuable items, as well.


Tile works by way of Bluetooth 4. Since this version of Bluetooth is still inadequately supported by Android, Tile is currently only interoperable with iOS. Its maximum proximity range is within 50 to 150ft. If there’s another Tile user toting his smartphone in the vicinity, your range broadens. Other Tile users nearby, however, cannot see your Tile’s location. You also cannot see theirs. What you get is a notification showing a map with a pin to indicate where your Tile is. The company touts that you won’t ever have to replace the product’s battery.


Stickers from StickNFind come in different colors that you can match to your smartphone or any belonging of yours you want to track. At a minimum price of $49.99 for two packs of Stickers, you can keep track of several items at a time on a Radar Screen. Unlike the three products described above, StickNFind’s quarter-sized Sticker only provides you with a way to approximate the distance of the item bearing the sticker to your device or computing machine where the Radar Screen is shown. You can use the light and buzzer functionalities when trying to locate the item. Sticker works with iOS and Android.

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