4 Useful Minecraft Modifications

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game based on blocks. The main character of the game is named Steve, and is also made of blocks. The goal of the game is to kill the Ender Dragon, but there are multiple steps that must be completed before that can be accomplished. In Minecraft, killing the Ender Dragon requires more than pure brawn. It also requires a wide selection of tools.

Tools are built by mining and finding materials. These materials are iron, diamond, gold, wood and stone. Each material has different levels of difficulty involved with finding it. For example, it is very difficult to find diamond and gold. If you are able to find them, it will improve game-play, as diamond and gold are more useful materials than wood.


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Mods, also known as modifications, increase the enjoyment of the game. They also sometimes make it easier to win. Four useful Minecraft mods include the x-ray mod, the moon mod, the too many items mod, and the diamond mod. The x-ray and diamond mod focus on the ease of finding materials, the too many items mod assists with the creation of new items, while the moon mod allows you to travel to different places.

Moon Mod

The moon mod makes travel to the moon possible. This is an ideal functionality when the main character is being attacked by characters called creepers. Creepers will be attracted to your home if you have items they are interested in. They are able to explode in front of Steve and destroy all of his belongings. Creepers are a primary obstacle in the game.

A suit is necessary to use the moon mod the first time, and it can be built on a crafting table. Creating a crafting table is a challenging feat on its own. If you are able to successfully use the moon mod with a suit, you can then build moon bases. When your bases are complete, you will no longer need a suit while you are on the moon.

X-Ray Mod

The x-ray mod allows you to see through dirt, stone and grass. This is useful for finding iron, coal, diamond and gold. It can also be used to find other players. To access an item you have located, dig a hole to until it can be reached. Locating other players is useful when playing the game on a server.

Diamond Indicator Mod

The diamond mod assists with the construction of a diamond indicator that alerts you when you are near a diamond. The indicator will turn red when it is far from a diamond and green when it is directly above a diamond patch. Once a diamond has been located, simply mine it with an iron pick ax. If the indicator is yellow, it means that Steve is in the vicinity of diamonds- he should move until it changes to green.

Too Many Items Mod

The too many items mod is a multipurpose mod with lots of functionality. It has different functionalities based on the game mode it is played in. When played in survival mode, the too many items mod provides players with recipes on how to build certain things. When played in cheat mode, it provides any of the items that are clicked on. Regardless of how it is used, this mod can significantly simplify much of the game’s processes.

Building items on Minecraft require both the items and the knowledge of the process. For example, if you wanted to build a suit for the moon mod, the too many items mod can show all of the necessary items for the suit. If it is used in the cheat mode, the user is able to grab the necessary items so that the suit can be built.

Minecraft is a popular game for all ages that fosters creativity and problem solving. Although the game can be enjoyed without modifications, they add to the overall ease of play. If a player is struggling to defeat the Ender Dragon, or would like a good way to escape creepers, these four mods are sure to help them on their quest.

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