5 Free and Awesome Email Clients for Your Android Device

Simplify and make emailing through your Android device more efficient. This article explores five free universal email clients you can download from the Google Play store. The emailing apps that were discussed include CloudMagic, Blue Mail, myMail, my Secure Mail, and AquaMail.

Email through your Android device more efficiently than before. Available for free from the Google Play store, these five universal email clients ensure effortless mobile emailing to your family, friends, and coworkers who are likely using different email platforms.


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CloudMagic has one inbox connected to your various email accounts–up to five of them. The free Android email client supports all types of emailing platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. What makes CloudMagic a standout from all the other universal email clients is its integration with valuable business tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Pocket, Evernote, and MailChimp, boosting your productivity while you are on the go. Other useful features include a passcode lock for security, an email search functionality, and offline capability.

Blue Mail

With Blue Mail, you can have a unified inbox on your Android device and sync it to an unlimited number of email accounts. This free email client also supports push email notifications, as well as allows you to mark emails you intend to handle later and set reminders for them. When you compose messages, you can readily choose contacts from the address book of either your smartphone or your various email accounts.


Another awesome Android email client option is myMail, which offers support for any IMAP- and POP3-based mailbox. myMail’s handy attachment browser allows you to quickly view images and files on the email client. It also comes with mobile-friendly smart search functionality, so you don’t have to go through tedious scrolling when looking for a specific contact or an email message.

my Secure Mail

my Secure Mail sports a clean, gorgeously streamlined interface for which to view and reply to the email messages from your various email accounts. There are also widgets available to quickly get to the email accounts you have connected to the app. Like the previously mentioned three email clients, the free my Secure Mail has push mail notifications and search functionality.


AquaMail supports Microsoft Exchange and internet-based email accounts. This free unified inbox solution for Android enables you to compose emails with rich text formatting, view rich media attachments and to easily save them to your device’s memory card, as well as navigate through widgets that show your current message list and message counts. The free AquaMail email client, however, only offers support for two of your email accounts and automatically appends a hyperlinked promotional signature to your outgoing messages.

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