Should You Be Using Pinterest?

Pinterest is such an interesting social marketing tool. From launch, there was a groundswell of interest, and a huge number of early adopters, all of whom had to wait patiently for their invitation to arrive from the new social media site. It’s fair to say that Pinterest exploded onto the scene, with talk of huge amounts of link juice being available from embedded links, not to mention the fact that it looked great and was good fun to do too! These days though, things have gone a little quiet on the Pinterest front, so let’s take a look at a few stats to see whether we should be spending our time posting pretty pictures on the web in order to succeed in business!


Conversion rates for Traffic are 50% higher for Pinterest than other social media platforms and it is regarded as the top converting site of its kind for what’s known as ‘Top of the Funnel’ advertising.’
Simply put, Pinterest drives lots of traffic. This is naturally what you’re looking for if you’re using social media sites for business, so it’s got to be a good thing, right?


People on Pinterest spend more cash on more occasions than people using any of the top five social media sites.’
Clearly, these people are ones to cherish! Many of us are looking to drive traffic to our sites in order to enable a transaction, so this statistic is of course reassuring to people wondering why they might want Pinterest users to visit their site.


47% of U.S. online consumers have purchased items purely on the basis of recommendations made through Pinterest.
Clearly, information from America can’t clearly tell us how buyers will behave in this country, but it’s a fair stab in the dark to say that the findings over here in Britain would be similar. This shows people have faith in what they find on Pinterest.


Pinterest generates far more revenue than Twitter, in fact around four times as much, and also secures around 27% more revenue per click than Facebook.
This is why Pinterest is called a ‘Top of the Funnel’ channel. It can send a huge amount of new traffic to your site which of course means that it is a powerful lead generator. These qualities are the precise reason why Pinterest should be an important tool to online sellers.


80% of pins on Pinterest are repins!
Pins are the pictures posted on a page within Pinterest, and a repin is an occasion where someone sees a pin they like, and decide to pin it on their own page – a repin! This statistic should tell you one thing – if you pin images to a board on Pinterest, there’s an overwhelming chance that your image is going to be repined by someone – embedded link and all. There’s link juice right there, flowing back to your site, and of course leaving a nice trail of breadcrumbs back to your site, so those oh so generous, high spending Pinterest users can enjoy the full flavour of your website!
So it looks like Pinterest should have a place in your social media strategy after all. Try it today, and see if you can use it to you and your business’ advantage.

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