A Look at the the Satellite Radio

Satellite radio was once two companies, Sirius and XM Radio. However, the companies have now merged under the moniker SiriusXM, which provides an array of radio, sports and talk show content from stars as big as Oprah. The merge of the company means more content for subscribers. You don’t have to limit access to just your car, either. SiriusXM is available on your smartphone and with radios you can listen to in your home or office.


SiriusXM radio services serve a wide range of channels, from music to talk to sports radio. SiriusXM radio is among the only that can claim true commercial-free music, while you can tune in to your favorite songs based on decade or genre. Satellite radio provides constant show tunes, and talk shows like Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole and Dr. Laura are only available with your subscription. Howard Stern and Oprah are also among the celebrities who host shows on SiriusXM. Like satellite television, options to pause and record live media.


SiriusXM radio service requires a subscription. At the time of this publication, SiriusXM provides multiple options for consumers starting at $14.99 per month for the Select or Internet Radio plans, and you may even have access to SiriusXM when you purchase a specific device or vehicle. These packages work similarly to cable or satellite television packages, giving you the choice to save money or spend more for your favorite music and talk show content.

Hardware Options

Sirius and SiriusXM radio service is available on a variety of devices from the SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner that works with whatever radio is currently installed in your car to SkyDock for your iPod Touch or iPhone. Audi, Jeep and Kia are among the automakers that provide SiriusXM options, while SiriusXM Edge radios are an after-market product you can install in your car. In your home, SiriusXM radio is available via the Lynx series of portable radios, and personal satellite radio devices, like MP3 players, are also an option. SiriusXM sells products and subscriptions separately or together, so the price for the actual radio depends on whether you’re also signing up for radio service. You can save money for the device if you purchase an annual subscription for less than $200.

Mobile and Internet Service

SiriusXM provides apps for you to enjoy satellite radio from your smartphone or tablet. Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices are all compatible with SiriusXM. You do not need to buy a dedicated radio or receiver to use a subscription to this service. The official website also enablers listeners to tune in from their browser, while a program for Windows computers is available.


Although the companies have merged, most devices are only capable with one subscription – Sirius or XM Radio. Lynx and Edge radios work with both subscriptions as do the 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 and Viper cars. However, older radios do not use the new, combined technology. Make sure to check whether your radio is Sirius or XM prior to purchasing subscriptions and accessories such as radio tuners.


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