Innovative Apps and Hardware Treats for Selfie Enthusiasts

Selfie Enthusiasts
Are you a hardcore selfie enthusiast? Do you find that you are capturing goofy images of yourself wherever you go? Do you spend more time sharing selfies on social media than the majority of your friends? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you just might be a selfie-addict. Rather than fight the feeling, you might want to consider adding a few new selfie tools to your repertoire. From selfie apps to selfie hardware, there are all sorts of intriguing options at your disposal. Check out the following resources for selfie enthusiasts to see how many you can utilize.


HisyPix offers a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone shutter for selfie enthusiasts. You can remotely control the shutter on your smartphone with a simple press on your HisyPix device. Selfie images can be captured from a few feet away or across a crowded room.

French Girls

The French Girls app lets you get creative with selfie images. Using existing selfie images for inspiration, this fun app lets you recreate the selfie in a sketch. You can make funny additions or opt for a stylized version of the original image.

Download French Girls app on the Apple Store or Goolge Play

Samsung NX Mini

The Samsung NX Mini is the perfect camera for selfie enthusiasts. This tiny camera offers a movable display that flips up for perfect image captures. The Samsung NX Mini also features a wide angle option for larger selfie images.
Samsung NX Mini official site:


Sunpole offers a rotating selfie surface. Perfect for capturing group selfies, the Sunpole holds a smartphone steady so no one in a group photo has to be left out. The Sunpole is a terrific option for tourism locations where spectacular images offer the perfect photographic backdrop.

These are just a few of numerous tools that are available for selfie enthusiasts. Do you think you will be utilizing any of these devices in your future selfies? Or do you think selfies are a trend that will eventually fade into obscurity?


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