Top Six iPhone Apps That Every Freelance Writer Needs


Organization, meeting daily goals, and motivation are a few of the top issues that many freelance writers face. Unfortunately, some of these individuals don’t know that there are several iPhone applications that can help ease some stress and make life easier. Here are the top six that you should be using.


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Nothing is worse than writing multiple articles, experiencing a hard drive failure on your computer , and losing all of your work. Dropbox is a website that allows you to save all of your files online so you don’t ever have to worry about losing them. Once you install the Dropbox app onto your iPhone, you can retrieve them and even edit them any time you want.
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Dragon Dictation

This app is perfect for individuals who do not like typing on their iPhone. It allows you to speak into your phone and then translates your speech into text. You can then send the text to your email, copy it into a document, or even send it to yourself via text message. You could create an entire article without having to type a word.



Unlike Dropbox, which only allows you to edit a document, this iPhone app is a word processor that allows you to create a word document from scratch. This app comes with a wide range of document styles and fonts. You can even include charts, columns, and graphics. In addition, once you save the document onto your iPhone, you can export it to Microsoft Word on your computer and make any necessary changes.
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Coming up with creative ideas for articles can be very annoying for freelance writers. This iPhone app allows users to create mind maps in order organize their ideas. For example, you could create a map around a certain keyword and include possible titles. For instance, you could place the keyword ‘cat care’ at the top of the map and place words such as vaccinations, grooming, toys, nutrition, and dental care underneath the keyword. You could then save this mind map and edit or add to it at a later time.



Wunderlist is a great way to keep your writing goals on track. It is a simple iPhone app that allows you to create to-do lists for each day of the week. This app is a great way to keep track of what articles you need to complete each day. Once you complete one, you can check it off on your list. You can even add an alarm reminder to make sure that you complete each article on time.



This iPhone app is great for helping you improve your productivity. It allows you to create a specific monthly word count goal. For example, if you want to write ten articles that are five hundred words each, you would set your goal at five thousand words. Once your monthly goal is set, Word Tyrant will inform you of the daily quota that you need to achieve your goal. The app will also alert you if you are falling behind. In addition, you can divide your quota into separate projects. Any projects that you do not complete will roll over into the next month. This iPhone app even allows you to view a graph of your monthly progress.

There is no doubt that freelance writing has its ups and downs. Writers have many challenges, including coming up with unique ideas, staying focused on their work, and keeping track of their writing goals. However, these iPhone apps can be the perfect solution for all of these problems.

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