Use Custom USB Drives to Promote Your Business and Inform Your Customers

Custom USB Drive

Visit any convention or conference and you’ll find people walking out with bags stuffed full of promotional items, along with stacks of brochures, catalogs and pamphlets filled with information about companies and their products. While these venues offer a great opportunity to get your company’s information into the hands of potential customers, it’s often not the best place win over new customers. Custom USB drives to promote your business or product can help you gain more new customers, even if they don’t immediately commit to buying your company’s products or services.

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USB drives make useful promotional items for customers

Most people can always use an extra USB drive which makes them a good choice for a promotional gift item. It’s easy to convince people to take home an item that might be useful in the future.¬† Many companies will create a custom USB drive to market your company’s product or service. The logo and contact information for your business can be imprinted on USB drives made from a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, wood or even leather. There are many styles to choose from as well, making it easy to design a drive to help your company stand out. Custom USB drives that pop out of a card-style holder, come attached to a key ring or lanyard or fit inside a pen are just a few of the styles available.

Load promotional materials onto your company’s USB drives

Even potential customers who are genuinely interested in your company or products might find it hard to keep track of paper materials they receive at a trade show. Your company can gain extra marketing value from USB drives you hand out to customers if you also load them with information about your company and products. You might choose to include a company catalog, product brochures and other business information on the flash drive. Many companies who design and make promotional flash drives for businesses can also load information onto those drives, so the drives arrive ready for sales representatives to hand them out to customers. USB drives offer a great way to showcase product demos, company photos and videos. Many potential customers appreciate a simple way to learn about your company, without lugging home piles of brochures from a convention or trade show.

It would be great if your promotional item was something that got used every day, but chances are most customers won’t use a bright purple USB drive wristband all the time. When handing out free USB drives to potential customers consider emphasizing how valuable they can be in case of an emergency. USB drives fail often. They’re small and easy to lose. It seems like people need a flash drive often, but they don’t always have one on hand. If your customers keep your USB drives, they’ll see your company name printed on them. Then not only will they think about making use of the drive, but they’ll also likely be grateful they had one when they needed it. And that could remind them they’ve been meaning to call your company.

It can be challenging to get people to take home promotional items at trade shows and conferences. Customers and potential customers may be more willing to keep promotional items they might use later, such as a USB drive. Your customers and potential customers will probably appreciate having a spare drive on hand.  Think about loading USB drives with promotional information about your products and services to make it easier for customers to learn more. Look into creating a custom USB drive to promote your company or business and provide a useful item that also informs customers about your valuable products and services.

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