5 Free Android Apps That Function as Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors app

It can sometimes be annoying and time consuming to search for an earring or a tiny metal component you’ve accidentally dropped on the floor. Imagine how easy it would be if you have a metal detector–a handy tool you can get for free if you own an Android smartphone or tablet equipped with a magnetic sensor or magnetometer, which is normally found in most handset models.

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You can easily transform your Android device into a portable metal detector if you have the right app. These five apps that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store will lend your Android device a metal detection functionality. Some of these apps can also measure the intensity of magnetic fields. To get accurate readings, watch out for any deviations from the ambient magnetic field strength of approximately 49 microTesla (µT). Be wary of electronic gadgets and home appliances because they can affect your magnetic field readings.

Metal Sniffer

With the Metal Sniffer app properly installed on your mobile device, you can quickly look for concealed wiring behind a wall or iron pipes underneath the ground. You can also use it to locate small, inconspicuous metal objects and magnets. Your smartphone or tablet will vibrate when it detects a ferromagnetic material nearby. The free Metal Sniffer app also allows you generate charts and to export your data readings as a CSV file.

Max Magnetic Field Detector

By sounding an alarm, vibrating, or making the touchscreen color of your device glow red, the free Max Magnetic Field Detector app alerts you whenever there’s metal nearby. It can also measure magnetic field intensity around a machine or a device.

Metal Detector (Satsuma Solutions)

Use Satsuma Solution’s handy Metal Detector app like you would a real metal detector. Open the app, move your Android smartphone or tablet around, and then watch out for fluctuations on the magnetic field level shown on the screen. As you approach the metal object you’re looking for, you’ll see marked changes in the magnetic field strength.

Metal Detector (Lodecode)

Sporting a gorgeous, well-designed user interface, Metal Detector from software developer Lodecode uses your Android device’s built-in compass or magnetometer. Using the app, you get the usual vibration or beeping to signify a nearby ferromagnetic object.

Metal Detector (Smart Tools co.)

This free digital tool for Android has a color-graded display indicating magnetic field strength and the presence of metals in the vicinity of the mobile device. Through an expertly designed and easy-to-use interface, you can also take readings of magnetic field intensity expressed in microTeslas. To activate your device’s sensors upon using this app, point your smartphone or tablet towards the sky and then move it to trace the figure 8 in the air.

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