Five practical uses of your Android sensors

Did you know that there are lots of cool things that you can do with Android’s built-in sensors? As a matter of fact, most of the apps that you are using are already utilizing the power of your Android sensors. One good example of this is your weather app. It can use your Android’s environmental sensors to measure the air temperature, humidity, etc.

Speaking of which, it’s better to think of practical ways to utilize your Android’s built-in sensors. If you’re still brainstorming for ideas, you can check out this list below.


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Room Thermometer

If you have an unused yet functional Android device with a built-in temperature sensor, you can easily convert it to a room thermometer. All you need to do is install a thermometer app like Smart Thermometer. After which, set the app on permanent display and place your device on top of your desk or on top of any stable surface.

Metal Detector

If you are in the mood for casual treasure hunting, you can transform your device into a handy metal detector. This can be made possible due to your Android’s built-in magnetic sensor. Of course, you’ll need a simple yet reliable metal detector app like Smart Tools’ Metal Detector.

Radiation Detector

Almost everyone knows how dangerous it is to be exposed to radioactive materials. Thus, it would be really nice if you could have a portable radiation detector. The good thing is you don’t need to spend anything to get one. All you need is a simple app that would utilize your device’s camera sensor. Just look for the GammaPix Lite app on Google Play Store.

Motion Detector

This is probably one of the most common and practical uses of your Android’s integrated motion sensors. By utilizing this feature, you can easily detect any moving object in real-time motion. This can be really handy especially if you are trying to catch a glimpse of something that only appears every once in a while.

Push-up Sensor

Are you a fitness freak? Perhaps, you would like to check out this app that utilizes your phone’s proximity sensor to automatically count your push-ups. It’s called the Push-Up Sensor Male app and it can detect and analyze whether you’ve properly executed your push-ups or not.

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