5 Free Apps That Prevent Your Android Device from Overheating

Prevent Android from Overheating

Conserve battery power and maximize your battery’s service life by ensuring that it is operating within its ideal temperature range. Having too many apps running at the same time can overheat and quickly drain the battery of your Android smartphone or tablet. The solution: keep the battery of your mobile device in tiptop shape by using an efficient battery-cooling app. Here are five such apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.

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EaseUS Coolphone

Sporting an ad-free and well-designed interface, the EaseUS Coolphone app effectively cools down your overheating battery in one tap. To lower battery temperature, the app closes running apps. If you don’t want to perform this battery-cooling task manually, you can set the app in Smart Controller mode, where it automatically closes the Wi-Fi network connection and other background apps when your device is on screen lock.

Master Doctor Droid Cooler

Simple and effective, the free Master Doctor Droid Cooler detects the apps that continuously tax your Android handset’s CPU and enables you to close them all in one tap, effectively lowering the temperature of your mobile device.

Temperature Guard

This ad-supported app keeps your mobile device running within its ideal conditions and prevents injury from thermal runaway, an explosion caused by overheated Li-ion batteries. What the Temperature Guard app does is to constantly monitor your device temperature and warns you when a critical level is reached. Aside from a warning notification, your mobile device’s LED flash will glow red to indicate that a critical temperature has been reached. When that happens, close all apps immediately and allow your device to cool down in a well-ventilated area. This app uses very minimal battery power and system resources, so consider leaving it running in the background as a safety measure.


Coolify is a high-performing app designed for use on rooted devices. Running in the background with very minimal battery consumption, this free app keeps your Android phone or tablet well within its normal operating temperature range by closing all background apps and reducing the usage of system resources while your device is on standby. Coolify also displays the current device temperature in a status bar, so you can view it at a glance.

Cooler Master

Ad-free and richly featured, Cooler Master performs real-time monitoring of your device’s temperature, tells you which apps continuously weigh down your CPU, and enables you to quickly close all those apps that overheat your device. The app offers language support for Chinese and English.

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