Chrome Browser Applications Don’t Need the Internet

Google Chrome has been around for over five years and may easily be around for five more. With recent additions there are even more things to like about the web browser. The browser boasts capabilities in addition to web navigation, and some of these features don’t even require online access. On top of that, the name Chrome is more than a browser; it is also a computer as well as a portable media device. While the majority of Chrome’s offerings could be defined as functionality that helps you access the Internet, recent additions blur that definition.


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Chrome and other web browsers can operate programs called applications, which are smaller, simpler alternatives to the expensive software that would traditionally run on a desktop computer. What is unique about Google’s browser is that it has the ability to use its apps directly within Windows. What does this mean? Simply put, this means that you no longer have to open Chrome to use some of the applications you’ve grown to love. It also means that apps designed for Google Chrome are going to work on the Windows operating system rather than only through the browser.

This capability is not entirely new. Google actually offers the same functionality on their Chromebooks. What is different is that it was previously only designed to run in the Chrome environment. Now, on those listed as ‘For Your Desktop’, users can use these same applications on a Windows environment. Many of the apps are even free.

Here is a sampling of a few of them:

Tank Riders:

This is a popular tank game where users shoot at targets while avoiding being shot themselves. The game has multi-levels and is designed for both beginning to advanced gamers.

Until AM for Chrome:

With this DJ game you are able to mix and scratch your own music or music from SoundCloud. Since it is now available offline, you can even take it with you and DJ on the go.

Google Keep:

The task management app designed by Google is now available offline through Google Chrome. With it you are able to organize and store information on the go. By working on Chrome, it automatically syncs your information when you are back online.

Pixlr TouchUp:

Pixlr is a photo editing software where you can quickly fix photos without much effort. Unlike many photo editors, the application loads quickly and is requires no training on how to use it.

While these applications are not as robust as what you could use on desktop software, they are more than what you would find on a mobile device such as an iPad or Android phone. Chrome is also featuring automatic updates and security updates with their applications. This means you will only need to download it once.

Accessing these applications has also been optimized for offline use. Using the shortcut conveniently placed right on your home screen, you don’t have to bother with opening the browser to access the applications. For most people, that is a very considerate time-saver.

The Chrome desktop option applications are available offline, but they require a Google login and access to your Google files in order to operate. If you are looking for anonymous usage, Chrome apps are not the best solution.

Chrome offline applications work on a desktop or a laptop despite the ‘for your desktop’ name.

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